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Real estate Housing Project


The  high-rise residential building of No. 2 Jingba Road in Jinan is a  commercial and residential high-rise building with 2 basements, 22  floors above ground, a total height of 70.10m, and a construction area  of 47185 square meters. The second basement is a civil air defense  basement, the first basement is a garage, the first and second floors  are commercial buildings, and the third to twenty-second floors are  residential buildings. In this project, a beam-type conversion layer is  set on the second floor above the ground. The elevation of the top  surface of the beam and plate is 9.20m and the thickness is 200mm. There  are 21 frame-supported beams in the conversion layer. The maximum  cross-section of the frame-supported beam is 1000mm × 2000mm. 18Φ32 Φ32  grade III steel longitudinally-stressed steel bars, the stirrups are  grade III steel Φ16 @ 100 (6), waist tendons III steel 24Φ18

+86 18779164370
+86 18779164370

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