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Guangdong Highspeed road


The total length of the Dapu-Chaozhou high speed road(including the Dapu-Zhangzhou branch line) is 135.5 kilometers with an estimated investment of 14.8 billion yuan. The main line of the project is 105.50 kilometers long from Dapu to Chaozhou Port (about 36 kilometers in Meizhou). The starting point of the route is Hemp Town, Dapu County, Meizhou, Gaocheng, Guangde, and Raoping County, Chaozhou, and the ending point is Chaozhou Port. The Dapu-Zhangzhou branch line project is about 30.10 kilometers long. The starting point of the route is Gaocheng, Dapu County, Meizhou, passing Baihou, Fenglang, Dadong and other towns.

+86 18779164370
+86 18779164370

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