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Xizan Raliway Project


The Lalin Railway project mainly includes 4 extra large bridges with a total length of 2148.42m, including 3 continuous beams (respectively: 56 + 96 + 56m 1 cantilever cast continuous beams, 44 + 80 + 44m 2 cantilever cast continuous beams), 70 piers and abutments There are 525 piles / 14750.5m; 2 tunnels with a total length of 3517m; other structures: 2 cover culverts and 1 frame culvert; the interval subgrade is 782.2m long and the earthwork is 89,800 square meters. There are 2 tunnels in this project, including a large deformation tunnel. The total length of the tunnel is 3,517m (865 + 2652m), of which 500m of Grade 4 surrounding rock, 2959m of Grade 5 surrounding rock, and 58m of Grade 6 surrounding rock. The full tunnel method is 99m, and the remaining sections are constructed by drilling and blasting. The total contract price is 514 million yuan, the project contract duration is 2376 calendar days, the planned start date is July 1, 2015, and the planned completion date is November 30, 2021 (including completion inspection). The total construction period is 77 months.

+86 18779164370
+86 18779164370

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