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PVC water stop


PVC  Water stoop: 
PVC waterstop, being embedded in the concrete joints, acts as a continuous watertight diaphragm to prevent any seepage of liquids in constructions joints which are subject to hydrostatic pressure. It is designed for expansion or contraction joint; meanwhile, it can accommodate lateral and transverse movements which make it capable to suit the moving joints.
The PVC waterstop is extruded form an elastomeric plastic material including high grade polyvinyl chloride, special resin and some chemical additives such as plasticizers and stabilizers.
Product Advantage:
· High tensile strength.· Superior elongation capability.· Excellent inherent elasticity and impermeability· High resistance to acids, ozone, seawater even diesel oil.· Extremely alkalis, chlorinated water and other waterborne chemicals resistant.· Not susceptible to fatigue deterioration as with metal or rubber.· High quality meet even exceed the industrials standard.· Never discolor concrete.· No electrolytic action with surrounding metals.· Capable to withstan
It is used to almost every strategic concrete structure such as Dams, Canals, Over Head/Under Ground Water Tanks, Swimming Pools, Basement, Bridges, Road Embankments, Retaining Walls, High-rise buildings, Multi-storeyed Buildings.
Technical  Data:

Tensile Strength ASTM D 638
Type IV
13 MPa
Ultimate Elongation ASTM D 638
Type IV
Low Temp. Brittleness ASTM D 746 -38° C
(-37° F)
Tear Resistance ASTM D 624
Die “B”
50 kn/m
Modulus of Elasticity ASTM D 638
Type IV
10 MPa
Effects of Alkali
Change in mass
ASTM D 471 CGSB 41-GP-34M 4.5%
Ultimate Elongation ASTM D 471 CGSB 41-GP-35M 280%

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+86 18779164370
+86 18779164370

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