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Water swelling strip


Rubber Waterstop Sealing Strip 
Water expansion stop bar is a unique new rubber product, is the putty type stop bar and product type stop bar.This kind of rubber produces 2-3 times of expansion and deformation after contact with water, and fills all irregular surfaces, holes and gaps of the joints, and generates great contact pressure, preventing leakage completely.
The based material is bentonite clay with polymer rubber.
The product swell when contact with water create more than 300% expansion.
The release bentonite fill void between the two portions of concrete joint.
1. Vertical and horizontal concrete construction joints
2. Junction of old and new buildings
3. Around wall pipe (including pipe and cable ducts)
4. Can be constructed in irregular surface
5. Sealing the gap of all kinds of buildings, tunnels, underground engineering and hydraulic engineering. Such as tunnels, viaducts, river bridges, riverbanks and irrigation works hinge etc.


standard size
6 mm × 25 mm 30 mm × 50 mm
15 mm × 20 mm 10 mm × 40 mm
20 mm × 30 mm 20 mm × 50 mm
can be customized any length
Types of rubber waterstops strip:
1. Common rubber waterstop
2. Swellable rubber waterstops /Hydrophilic rubber waterstop belt
3. Rubber water stop with steel side
4. PVC rubber waterstop
Lightweight flexible coils easy to install
Forms a positive seal, sealing cracks & small voids
Eliminates seem welding & split forming associated with PVC/rubber waterbars
May be used in potable water tanks
Non toxic
Butt end joining. Continuous waterstop
Can be applied to irregular concrete surfaces
Withstands hydrostatic head up to 70m
Unaffected by repeated wetting & drying cycles
Permanently active system
Compressible and malleable allowing for good contact in precast applications
Does not deteriorate
Self healing
Technical  data:

No.                      Item                       Index

PZ-150 PZ-250 PZ-400 PZ-600
1 Hardness(ShoreA)                 42±7 45±7 48±7
2 Tensile Stength , Mpa≥                3.5              3
3 Beark & Elongation, %≥                450            350
4 Volume Expansion, %≥    150         250     400     600
5 Repeated Flooding Experiment 
Tensile Stength , Mpa≥
                  3              2

Beark & Elongation, %≥ 350 350 250 250

Volume Expansion, %≥ 150 250 300 500
6 Low Temperature Bending                               No Cracks

1.for concrete construction joint interface after hardening , sweeping away the dross, dust and other debris, expose the hard base. of the late poured band and horizontal construction joint, the water swelling strip along the extension direction of construction joint, using its own adhesive paste directly in the middle position of construction joints ,joint lap joint is not less than 5cm, and shall not leave the break point; for vertical construction joint shall be set aside, positioning and shallow groove , the sealing strip embedded in the reserve tank, if not reserved slots , can also be used for high strength steel nails. And its use of self-adhesive ,directly pasted on the construction joint interface , through the isolation paper uniform compaction.
3.sealing strip fixed end, tear off isolation paper will be poured concrete under.
4.seal paste parts can be selected in the opening laterally mounted.
5.for sealing strip is firmly fixed , horizontal seam at intervals of 1m high strength steel for nailing , vertical seam at intervals of 0.5m high strength steel for nailing.

+86 18779164370
+86 18779164370

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